Talks presented at the 4th Workshop, GSI, Darmstadt June 8 - June 10, 2008
  1. Welcome - News from I3HP and I3HP2 - Elèni Berdermann, GSI-DL
  2. Diamond Detectors Ltd - Products and Capabilities - Kevin Oliver, Diamond Detectors Ltd., UK
  3. Diamond Materials - a Fraunhofer Spin-Off Company - Eckhard Wörner, Diamond Materials Freuburg
  4. Recent progress in the field of diamond heteroepitaxy on Ir - Matthias Schreck, Uni Augsburg
  5. Surface and bulk defects of diamond and correlated electronic variations - Christoph Nebel, IAF Freiburg
  6. The influence of electrical contacts on diamond radiation detectors' performance - Arnaldo Galbiati, Diamond Detectors Ltd., UK
  7. DLC based radiation hard contacts for diamond detectors - Vitaly Liechtenstein, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow
  8. Growth of chromium on diamond - Robert Lovrincic, KIP Uni Haidelberg
  9. Signal formation and fast response time - Philippe Bergonzo, CEA-List Saclay
  10. Synchrotron X-ray Beam tests of PC and SC diamond at ESRF - John Morse, ESRF Grenoble
  11. Low-energy heavy ions in diamond - Angela Bräuning-Demian, GSI-AP
  12. Material modifications by swift heavy ions - Christina Trautmann, GSI_MF
  13. Color centers in LiF induced by swift heavy ions far beyond the ion range - Kurt Schwartz, GSI_MF
  14. Recent RD50 developments on radiation tolerant silicon sensors - Michael Moll, CERN
  15. |Expected radiation damage of diamond beam monitors at LHC - Wim de Boer, Uni Karlsrhue
  16. Polarization effects in radiation damaged scCVD diamond detectors - Sergej Schuwalov, DESY Zeuthen
  17. Beam Conditions Monitoring for CMS, in particular BCM1F with single crystal diamonds - Wolfgang Lange, DESY Zeuthen
  18. First p and n irradiations of single crystal HadronPhysics detectors - Michal Pomorski, GSI-NoRHDia
  19. Energy loss measurements of swift ions penetrating hot plasmas at the UNILAC - Abel Blazevic, GSI-PP
  20. Alternative methods for heavy-ion therapy dosimetry - Monika Rebisz-Pomorska, CEA-List Saclay
  21. Single crystal CVD diamond neutron detectors in a p-type/intrinsic/metal layered structure - Gianluca Verona-Rinati, Uni Roma Tor Vergata
  22. Diamonds for HITRAP and for future electron spectroscopy - Christophor Kozhuharov, GSI_AP
  23. Heavy-ion ToF detectors of the Lund-York-Cologne-CAlorimeter (LYCCA) - Michael Bentley, Uni YORK, UK
  24. HADES progress report on MIPs traversing single-crystal diamonds - Wolfgang Koenig, GSI-HADES
  25. Low-noise fast preamplifier for single crystal diamond detectors - Stefano Riboldi, Uni Milano and INFN Mi
  26. Tests for a start detector for FOPI - Andreas Schüttauf, GSI_FOPI
  27. n-XYTER for diamond detectors - Rafal Lalik, AGH-UST Cracow
  28. Marie Curie Initial Training Network MC-PAD - Christian Schmidt, GSI_DL

Talks presented at NoRHDia Collaboration Meeting, GSI, Darmstadt 25-26 June, 2007
  1. Eleni Berdermann, GSI, Darmstadt
  2. Annika Lohstroh (pp. Paul Sellin), Surrey Univ.
  3. Mariana Petris, NIPNE, Bucharest
  4. Stefano Riboldi, INFN, Milan
  5. Mircea Ciobanu, GSI, Darmstadt
  6. Christian Grah, DESY
  7. Matthias Schreck, Uni. Augsburg
  8. Wim de Boer, Uni. Karlsruhe
  9. Val O'Shea, James Watt Nano Fabrication Centre, Glasgow
  10. Gianluca Verona-Rinati, Univ. di Roma “Tor Vergata"
  11. Robert Lovrincic, Univ. Heidelberg
  12. Milos Nesladek, CEA-Saclay
  13. John Morse, ESRF, Grenoble

Talks presented at 3rd Workshop, GSI, Darmstadt 30 August - 1 September, 2006
  1. Element Six News - Kevin Oliver
  2. Homo-epitaxial growth and characterization progress in Saclay - Nicolas Tranchant
  3. Homoepitaxial growth of atomically flat CVD diamond plates in CH4-rich plasmas - Anna Bogdan
  4. Diamond growth at Michigan State University - Andreas Stolz
  5. X-ray characterisation of diamonds at the ESRF - Jurgen Hartwig
  6. IR and AFMstudiesof diamonds for detector applications - Robert Lovrincic
  7. CVD diamond response in X-ray beams and physical surface characterization - John Morse
  8. Transit photo-current measurements of the i-SC CVD and IIa natural diamond. - Andrey Bogdan
  9. IBIC imaging in synthetic single crystal diamond - Annika Lohstroh
  10. Characterization of Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Detectors with the Munich Heavy Ion Microscope SNAKE - Sabine Schwertel
  11. Longitudinal Beam Profile Measurements of Pulsed Heavy-Ion Beams - Felix Wamers
  12. CMS Beam Condition Monitoring - Steffen Muller
  13. Destructive Measurements with Diamonds in a Lead Ion Beam - Hannes Bol
  16. Charge transport properties of heavily irradiated SC CVD diamond detectors - Michal Pomorski
  17. Diamond detectors for charged-particle beams (Online dosimetry) - Bernd Voss
  18. Spectrometry of heavy ions below 1 MeV/amu with ND and CVDD detectors - Peter Steier
  19. Laser Electron Acceleration and Atto-second Streak Camera - Matthias Fuchs
  20. The fission fragment TOF spectrometer VERDI - Cezar Negoita
  21. Timing Timing measurements with CVD diamonds - Tomica Porobic
  22. Heteroepitaxial Diamond Detectors for Heavy Ion Beam Tracking - Andreas Stolz
  23. High Rate Diamond Detectors for Heavy Ion Tracking and TOF - Roman Gernhauser
  24. Fast Signal Processing: From the Detector to the TDC, an experimentalists (non expert) point of view - Wolfgang Koenig
  25. Status of SC-DD FE Electronics for MIPs Timing - Andrei Caragheorgheopol
  26. PADI, a new ASIC for RPC's and other timing detectors - Mircea Ciobanu
  27. A Multi Channel ASIC for High Resolution Time Measurements - Michael Ritzert
  28. Electronic Systems for the CBM Experiment at FAIR Developments at GSI - Holger Flemming

Talks presented at 2nd Workshop, GSI, Darmstadt 31 August - 1 September, 2005
  1. News from I3HP & NoRHDia - Eleni Berdermann
  2. The homoepitaxial growth of thick single crystal CVD diamond for detector applications - Nicolas Tranchant
  3. Homoepitaxial growth of diamond for detector applications - Thomas Bauer
  4. Current state of heteroepitaxial diamond deposition - Mathias Schreck
  5. CVD Diamond surface characterization and contact interface properties - Christoph Nebel
  6. Metal-film formation studied with IR spectroscopy - Annemarie Pucci
  7. Metallization of diamonds at the Target Laboratory at GSI - Bettina Lommel
  8. Investigation of the "dead layer" in natural diamond detectors by energy cut-off measurements - Vitaly Liechtenstein
  9. Radiation hardness of insulating materials and semiconductors - Kurt Schwartz
  10. SC diamond detectors for synchrotron beam monitoring - John Morse
  11. Characterization of Single Crystal CVD diamond detectors for heavy ions spectroscopy and MIPs timing - Michal Pomorski
  12. Mapping single-crystal diamond with 12C micro beams - Eleni Berdermann
  13. SC-Diamond for ToF measurements with relativistic particles: First beam test with 27Al ions of 2 GeV/amu - Mladen Kis
  14. Diamond Detector developments at DESY - Christian Grah
  15. Synthetic diamonds for heavy-ion therapy dosimetry - Monika Rebisz
  16. Modeling of the transport properties of CVD diamond detectors - Silvio Sciortino
  17. Low-noise preamplifier for SC diamond detectors - Diego Maiocchi
  18. SC diamond detector FE electronics for MIPs timing - Andrei Caragheorgheopol
  19. Proposals to use NINO ASIC chips for diamond detectors - Evgeny Usenko
  20. Time Stamping for Diamond - Peter Fischer

Talks presented at 1st Workshop, GSI, Darmstadt 4-6 July, 2004
  1. I3HP: Integrated Infrastructure Initiative on Hadron Physics" - Reinhard Simon
  2. Status of NoRHDia and Scope of the Workshop - Eleni Berdermann
  3. University of Karlsruhe (IEKP) presentation - Eugene Grigoriev
  4. The MAESTRO project - Philippe Bergonzo
  5. Vertex Detectors with CVD Diamond - Alexander Oh
  6. Diamond Pixel Sensors with ATLAS frontend electrnics - Markus Mathes
  7. Evaluation of natural diamond detectors as low energy heavy ion spectrometers - Vitaly Liechtenstein
  8. SC-CVD growth and diamond devices - Milos Nesladek
  9. Low Temperature Optical and Electronic Properties of CVD Diamond for Detector Applications - Christoph E. Nebel
  10. Characterization of diamond using broad-band electronics - Heinz Pernegger
  11. Diamond Sensors: Activities at DESY Zeuthen - Wolfgang Lange
  12. Beam-monitors based on diamond-strip-detectors - Hannes Bol
  13. Beam Monitoring Application for diamond at synchrotron X-ray sources Characterization of diamond: tools at ESRF - John Morse
  14. Diamond Detector Applications at CEA-Saclay - Philippe Bergonzo
  15. Position sensitive Focal plane Detectors for Heavy Ions Spectrometers - Angela Brauning-Demian
  16. Timing Performance of CVD-Diamond Detectors for MIPs - Mariana Petris
  17. DBA based multi-channel devices - Mircea Ciobanu